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Cool Wrestling Shoes

Wrestling shoes are not one-size-fits all; some are cheaper, some are lighter weight, and some breathe a little more. But what they all do have in common is that they will serve the wrestler on the mat. Finding the right shoe for you is important, and it seems that every wrestler has a different preference. Often in fact, you will see seasoned veterans on the mat with some of the cheapest wrestling shoes available. It’s a matter of what fits your foot well, what feels comfortable, and ultimately what you win while wearing to some degree as well.

The more time you spend on the mat, the faster your shoes are going to break down. That is why many wrestlers choose to have two pairs of shoes – one pair of practice shoes and a pair of competitive wrestling shoes. That way wrestlers can keep a pair fresh for their matches, while their practice shoes take the beating doled out by day-to-day practice wear.

The top three wrestling shoes brands are ASICS, Adidas and Nike.

ASICS wrestling shoes are trusted by some of the top wrestlers in the world because they are made to last and provide that extra edge on the mat.
Once a minor player in wrestling shoes, Adidas has stepped up its game in the world of wrestling, especially with Olympic Champion Jake Varner’s line of Adidas shoes. If you’re looking for a shoe that’s worn by elite wrestlers, check out their selection of 2016-2017 Adidas wrestling shoes.
You just can’t go wrong with any of the Nike wrestling shoes. Whether you’re just starting your wrestling career or are an elite athlete, Nike shoes provide the reliability and sock-like fit many top wrestlers look for on the mat.