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Dave Schultz Wrestling Shoes

When thinking of Dave Schultz a few things should come to mind: inescapable front headlock chokes, manly beards, Olympic gold medals, and chest hair. Amazingly, the ASICS Dave Schultz wrestling shoes embodies all of those things in one simple, lightweight, and versatile shoe. ASICS wrestling shoes are consistently a favorite of wrestlers across the world. If you like the look of the limited edition ASICS wrestling shoes, then you will love the highly sought after Asics Aggressor 3, JB Elites 2, and Cael V7.0 wrestling shoes.

The ASICS shoes are built for the minimalists, and the ones who often think of their feet as hands when wrestling. Their extreme flexibility allows you to adapt and respond effortlessly, like a true champion. The original classic one-piece outsole is combined with the ultra-suede upper, provides fabulous grip on the mat, while maintaining superior comfort in any situation. The upper is made with heel-to-toe Ultra suede for ultimate comfort and fit. The thin one-piece classic outsole features a 360 Degree Stitch-Down construction for extreme durability.

Finding the right shoe for you is important, and it seems that every wrestler has a different preference. Often in fact, you will see seasoned veterans on the mat with some of the cheapest wrestling shoes available. It’s a matter of what fits your foot well, what feels comfortable, and ultimately what you win while wearing to some degree as well. ASICS wrestling shoes have a wide variety that one can choose from. They are one of the best wrestling shoes to help give you the edge on the mat.