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Oil Wrestling

Oil wrestling, also known as oil wrestling, a Turkish national sport. This so called because of its olive oil with dead Taliban. The relevant Uzbek Kurash, Tuvan khuresh and Tatar kora. The wrestlers, as pehalvan means “hero” called the kispet hand stitched lederhosen called, traditionally wear were recently water buffalo skin is in calfskin.

Unlike Olympic wrestling, be won by creating an effective oil wrestling teams of kisbet formed. So pehalvan seek his opponent laying his hands on the ultimate control kisbet. The measure named Kazik PACA win. Initially, no set period and play one or two days can be, until one man can create a profit, but was limited in the period 1975 to 40 minutes, and 30 minutes to the baspehlivan Pehlivan category . If not determine the winner Victor set another 15 minutes -10 minutes Pehlivan degrees-of wrestling led to dozens of plans.

The annual Kirkpinar competition, since 1362 was held in Edirne Turkish Thrace, the oldest continuously run smoothly, is sanctioned sporting competition in the world. In recent years, the wrestling style to be also known in other countries.